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No Man’s Sky has unleashed the latest version of its game called Next. The rough edges of the game have been updated to look smooth and full of amazing content. At the moment, the galaxy in the game comes with a gamut of amazing incentives. Without any question, the latest update remains a treadmill. In the new game, players will have to acquire several ships and more upgrades.


No Man's Sky

There are enough resources to mine and bases to construct. The way to get these incentives may take several hours of repetitive work and mindless activities. There is ebbing away from the sky into space, hopping in a spacecraft and appearing on another environment different from your initial habitation. This remains a new feature that the latest of the No Man’s Sky is providing to gamers when released.

Certain environments are beautiful and scenic in the game. In fact, it will help to make players make use of the camera version to capture to the rolling hills views with animals and colorful plants dotting the landscape. There is the presence of a circled planet suspended on the space and displaying itself between clouds. Players will also find some ugly and barren environments in the design of the new game. Seeing other bizarre wastelands remain a common thing in the No Man’s Sky latest update.

Without any iota of doubt, the new game comes with amazing sights to capture. To play in the third-person mode is a great feature that the game will provide gamers. The game also has personalized and animated characters in any desired mode that you want. These characters can move to any location with nicely designed jetpacks. In fact, this amazing feature makes the game exciting and fun to play.

The level of interaction in the game is welcoming and great to anyone. Players will be happy with the landscapes and lifestyle that characters display in this amazing new game. The environments in the game are different but have similar identification. The protection of these environments remains the same will shield anything negative from the characters. If there are toxic, cold or other environmental negations, the protection measure in the game remains solid.

For instance, when there is a storm that players can see, the protection measures next function to ensure to safety. The animal lifestyle in the game remains different and unique. Players may see flying sharks, huge rabbit-crabs, bouncing blobs, dinosaur-like creatures and much more. Mining the resources in the game often come in the same method. Players can use the drilling method or simply apply a laser beam concept. After playing the game for a couple of hours, you may discover that tricks are not enough to continue.

Not having enough tricks or strategies to continue remains a huge issue in the game. Most of your time in the game is used for refining and gathering materials. The gameplay that comes with the update something you cannot ignore. No Man’s Sky Next update will help you enjoy a fun and exciting game.

2019 will be a remarkable year in the gaming world for several reasons. Some games that did not get a lot of coverage may be seen in 2019. Games that needed a continuation will also be released in 2019. New games will also receive a huge welcome in the year 2019. Starting from January of 2019 through the end of the year, players may be loaded with lots of exciting games.

January 2019

According to reliable sources, January of 2019 in the gaming world will help players discover games such as Session, Undead Horde, Kingdom Hearts III and Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 2 will kickstart January of 2019 by releasing its killer gamer. On January 29th, Kingdom Hearts III follows. For Undead Horde and Session, the actual date has not been fixed.

February 2019

At the moment, the records show that only 6 games will be released for the month of February in 2019. The game A Fold Apart will start up the month with its amazing release. On the 22nd of February, players can expect up to 4 releases. This includes Days Gone, Metro Exodus, Crackdown 3 and Anthem. The actual date in February to release the game called Trials Rising remains unknown. Players can always check back for the update of the game.

March 2019

March may not be loaded with tons of games like the first two months. However, you will be excited with the three games that the industry has to offer. In the month of March, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be rolled out on the 15th. Not too far on March 21, the game The Sinking will be unleashed as well. Mario Kart Tour is the third game without any fixed date to be released in March. Check for the last game in March for more updates.

More Games In 2019

While some of the months in 2019 may not be sure for game producing companies, you can expect to see more wonderful titles released. Sea of Solitude, Cat Quest III: The Lumpus Empire, Killer Queen Black, Underflow, Beyond Blue, Blasphemous, Vasara HD Collection, Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and more will be unleashed in the year 2019. Grimshade, The Forbidden Arts, Dead or Alive 6, Hellpoint, The Beast Inside, My Friend Pedro, The Princess Guide and a host of more games will be released to help players choose their choice.

The list of upcoming games in 2019 is larger than what you have above. This is just a small list to give you an insight of what to come in the year 2019. Sources have been providing reliable information that 2019 will be a great year for the gaming industry. This is because many game producing companies have returned to the drawing board to ensure that the best is provided to players. Every game producing service is also looking for a bigger audience. On this note, more efforts will be added to their 2019 game release to create an impact in the life of fans.

At the moment, fans can find a new Xbox online for sale. This new product on sale remains a huge upgrade. According to Microsoft, Xbox One X remains the biggest game the company has released. Microsoft continued by saying the Xbox One X remains the most costly game the company has marketed. What are the differences between Xbox One S vs. Xbox One? Reading through this content will give you a clue about both products.

Xbox One S vs. Xbox One


The Xbox One S comes with more tweaks than the Xbox One X. The Xbox One S has 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1.4 TFLOPS, personalized GPU WITH 914MHz and customized CPU at 1.75GHz. In the case of Xbox One X, you will get Polaris features, 40 CUs, 6.0 TFLOPS, personalized GPU at 1.72GHz and 12GB GDDR5 RAMA at 326 GB/ s. The Xbox One S will have the opportunity to upscale the 1080p games to 4K but not in the console.

Connectivity And Design:

The design of the Xbox One X is the first thing that captures your attention. Heat is removed through the back and the design comes with a black color. Microsoft also claimed that the Xbox One X is smaller in size. The Xbox One S has the power sourced installed within the system. Connectivity of both consoles will be dependent on the strength of propagation.

Price And Storage:

When the Xbox One S was released, it came with an additional fifty dollars premium compared to nothing charged for the Xbox One X.

Xbox One S – from one hundred and ninety-nine dollars (500GB, 1TB HDD)

Xbox One X – four hundred and ninety-nine dollars (1TB HDD)

It means that players will be paying more to have access to Xbox One S. There may be reduction in the price of the Xbox One X later in the future

The additional power of the Xbox One X will not be completed used by many players. When talking about price, it is clear that the Xbox One S remains expensive. It is also a great console for the price and remains great for traditional players. For most fans, they believe that the Xbox One X has the best offer.

According to most forum fans, most people are still tuned with the Xbox One X. This may be as a result of more people not being familiar with the Xbox One S. Both consoles have amazing features that can benefit players. Depending on your preference, you can either choose the Xbox One X or the Xbox One S mode.

If you are confused about the whole process simply use certain conditions to determine the difference of both consoles. The design, connectivity, price and performance are great factors that can help you differentiate between the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X. The power of performance of the Xbox One S is superb and will always be great to players. If connectivity is your thing, then go ahead and pick the Xbox One X.

The deal on Xbox One S is getting exciting with the extra work of Microsoft. The company has made it know that a free game will come along with all 1TB bundles. Buyers that choose this deal will enjoy the immediate benefit for taking action. According to Xbox Wire blog, the recent announcement helps to reveal the extra services of the company.


Deals including Halo Wars 2 Xbox One S, Forza Horizon and Gear of War 4 will now have an extra game. Some of the free games that you get include Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1. There is a great improvement on the original Xbox One. This new development brings us to the Xbox One S. It comes with additional functionality and designed from upgraded hardware.

The new features of Xbox One S include 4K video streaming, 4K ultra HD Blue-rays, and HDR to support television. In a nutshell, the standard Xbox One is simply the Xbox One S. The game performance has increased exponentially. It is important to know that the Xbox One S deal will be for only 1TB bundles.

The deal is not applicable to the 500 GB version bundle. It is also not applicable to the ½ generation game that will be released in the fall – Xbox One X. The Xbox One S has the capability of streaming 4K digital content along with movies. Players that don’t want to be on the cutting edge side of things can assume the Xbox One S as a great game of choice.

It is recommended not to upgrade at the moment because the console will be playing the same games. If there is any need to upgrade, Microsoft will definitely send an upfront message. At the moment, the deal concerning the Xbox One S may not be available even if an announcement has been made for it.

There is no retailer even Microsoft Store isn’t providing anyone with the deal. The Microsoft official page does not have the deal at the moment. While the technical support team at Microsoft is calling this a bug issue, many players are already banking on it. In the meantime, Microsoft workers are doing everything to rectify the issue.

The website has officially told people to continually check their platform as from tomorrow for the correct information. Maybe Microsoft support team is still deliberating on the offers of the deal. Some claim that the deal may have been announced earlier than anticipated.

The Microsoft Xbox One S console deal remains a great offer if it will be executed. At the moment, it is looking as if the deal will not work. Since the Microsoft technical support claims it is a bug issue, subscribers will have to wait until the correct information is out. This will help to know the faith of subscribers and the stand of Microsoft concerning the deal. Subscribers should hope that the final result will be a fair deal for them.

Many people often have a hard time when categorizing water softener systems based on their function and operation. This may even make you spend more money when trying to find the perfect product to buy. Water softener systems don’t have a generic term to categorize their performance.

Studies have shown that these systems can be divided into four types. This can be found in the likes of magnetic, reverse osmosis, salt free and ion exchange water softeners. To help you come to grips with the true categories, simple explore these water softener system reviews.

Reverse Osmosis Water Softening Systems

Water Softening Systems

This is a water softener system that makes use of pressure when getting rid of impurities and contaminants. The process of sieving will also require a semi-permeable membrane to get a perfect result. One thing is sure with the reverse osmosis water softening system, you can get rid of up to ninety-eight percent of impurities.


  • Users can easily maintain the system
  • The semi-permeable membrane will not allow ion particles to pass through
  • For water softening, the reverse osmosis method remains the best


  • The entire process requires a lot of energy
  • For deionization to take place, the system requires a lot of pressure

Ion Exchange Water Softening Systems:

In this category, potassium or sodium ions will help to displace the original ions in the water. The hardness water ions are comfortably removed to help you for your dish washers and washing machines. Due to the high levels of sodium, it is not recommended to use these systems for drinking water.


  • There is every possibility to reuse most heavy metals in the process
  • The soft water will not experience any perforation of substances
  • When softening water, ion exchange remains highly efficient and effective
  • The waste water during the process can be used for treatment


  • The operational costs for ion exchangers are highly expensive

Salt Free Water Softening Systems

For most consumers, this is the best water softening method to use. In the salt free system, a filter is often used to get the best result. This implies that no salt, potassium or chemicals are needed. With this system, it is evident that minerals found in the water will not be affected.


  • It is a good system for your clothing
  • Household cleaning tasks will work well with a salt free water softening system
  • For personal grooming, you can use this amazing water softening system
  • It helps for scale reduction


  • This is not a good system for recommendation for tough hard water

Magnetic Water Softening Systems:

The water softening method is different from other techniques. Magnets are placed either around or in water pipes to get started. The water will be altered with the help of the magnetic field.


  • It will help to get rid of the negative impacts of hard water
  • It is cost-effective and does not require any chemicals
  • It is great for your household tasks


  • Water will usually come back to a hard level with forty-eight hours


Using the simple explanation above will help you determine the classes or categories of water softener systems. With this idea, you will be able to make the right decision when exploring for water softening systems.

Asus has confirmed the launch of new gaming monitor Asus VG258Q which is particularly designed to meet the end needs of budget conscious gamers. It is a Full HD Gaming Monitor that comes with the 24.5inch display size and has the fastest 1ms response time and the whopping refresh rate of 144Hz, making it is the best 144hz monitor in the market for the budget conscious people. Besides, the gaming monitor is backed by AMD’s FreeSync technology which claims to reduce the screen tearing and choppy frame rates while playing games. Apart from this the manufacturer has included many different visual and nifty features in this gaming monitor which are elaborately discussed below.

Asus VG258Q is the upgraded version of all its predecessors. There are no other 24inch gaming monitor that comes with the AMD’s FreeSync technology and it comes with many other amazing features.

The Features of Asus VG258Q

As mentioned, the Asus VG258Q comes with a 24.5inch display that is backed by TN panel which can display about 16.7 million diverse colors and has the maximum brightness with 400cd/m2. This is a non-glare screen that is designed for 170/160 degree viewing angles and it supports a variety of orientations. This gaming monitor is also equipped with Asus Smart Contrast Ratio of 100000000:1 and comes with a ergonomically designed stand which helps the users to adjust the height of the monitor up to 130mm and has a tilt range of 5 to 33 degrees. Users can also pivot the monitor vertically and also it can be swiveled up to 90 degrees in every direction. There is a pass-through space which helps you to manage the tangled wires efficiently.

The Asus VG258Q can be coupled with any AMD GPU which will enhance further the visuals because of the Adaptive-Sync technology which is supported by the AMD FreeSync Support. Since the monitor is equipped to offer a refresh rate of 144Hz, it is likely to provide the users with exceptional graphical experience in all types of games. Moreover, it has a 1ms response time that will prevent motion blurs and smearing of the images and it features Asus Extreme Low Motion Blur technology which guarantee that your game play would be more responsive and fluid. The monitor is also backed by GameFast Input Technology which minimizes the input lags efficiently.

The Add-ons Users can Enjoy with Asus VG258Q

Asus GamePlus Hotkeys are included in the gaming Monitor which can benefit the gamers further and these hotkeys feature many other in-game enhancements. This technology will enable the gamers to enjoy many other options which include 4 crosshair overlays for any shooting games and more. The monitor also features the timer option combined with FPS counter and multi display alignment settings. The GameVisual Settings in the monitor offer the users with multi modes to maximize the visual based on the gaming needs and their unique preferences. This may include RTS, Cinema, Racing, Scenery, MOBA Mode, sRGB, FPS and RPG.

The monitor is also equipped with Fliker-Free technology which significantly minimizes the effects on eyes and this reduces eyestrain while gaming. It also features Ultra-Low Blue Light Technology which lets you cycle across diverse levels of decreased blue light, thereby guaranteeing long-term comfort. Asus VG258Q has undergone different performance test and it has managed to earn the certification from TUB Rheinland Laboratories so as to ensure that the best quality utilization of the low-light and flicker-free technology can be achieved. Besides, the monitor supports great connectivity as it comes with dual-link DVI-D, Display Port 1.2 and HDMI v1.4. The monitor also features dual built-in 2W stereo RMS speakers and 3.5mm mini-jack audio out for headphones.

Star Wars is the widely appreciated and popular movie that is enjoyed by people of all ages. There are different series of this movie and there are some hidden facts which most of the streamers are still not aware of. The best way to celebrate the Star Wars Days is by learning something new facts about the galaxy war. So, all fans of Star Wars can have a look at the 10 Awesome Star Wars Facts You Didn’t Know. You can also access the series of movies and these awesome facts online at the movie streaming app called Movie Box.

1. Harrison Ford Was Launched for The Role of Han Solo Accidentally

Lucas was in search of some new looking faces with whom he has not worked before. So, he came in contact with Harrison Ford who played a role in his previous movie called American Graffiti to feed lines to auditioning actors. He was impressed with his hard work so much that gave the role of Han Solo to him in his next series of Star Wars.

2. Orson Wells Was Darth Vader

Lucas initially decided to take his voice only for his movie, but later he dropped the plan and considered him for the movie in a role which would become recognizable quickly. This is how he was casted for the movie in the role of Darth Vader

3. Popular Opening Crawl in Movie is Done with Special Effects

The producers and directors vigilantly place 2-feet wide die cut yellow letter over a 6 feet long black paper background and the camera used for shooting make a slow pass over the yellow letters to mimic a crawl. This is how it is done and it takes around 3 hours to shoot the entire opening crawl.

4. Luke and Leia’s Swing Across the Chasm Was a Real Shoot

The production unit was unable to afford the double shoot and stunt, therefore Mark and Carrie was asked to do the shoot in one shot and hence they were harnessed and swung across the platform above 30 feet of the studio floor and it was shoot in one take.

5. Yoda Is Known As Buffy in Reality

In the early screenplay the real name of Yoda was Buffy. However, the name was later changed to full name called Minch Yoda. It was renamed and shortened to short name called Yoda later.

6. The Vader’s Reveal was Kept Hidden from Everyone

Darth Vader

There was a false page in the script and now one in the unit actually knows who Luke’s dad except Lucas and there are also other two people who know this. Mark came to know about it just a moment before his first take and the actor that was playing Vader in the movie said the Obi-Wan killer his father and Mark reacted the way he did. These lines were added later in the script when James Earl Jones recorded his lines.

7. Han Solo Was Scripted to Die

Harrison Ford actually had a contract with the producer for two movies and he was intended to get killed because he felt that there was no where left for his character in the movie. However, Lucus disagreed to this and hence he wanted him to join the other series as well and have a happy ending in third movie.

8. Lucus Wanted Someone to Be Famous for Unmasking Darth Vader

Sebastian Shaw was the popular writer, theater actor before entering the series of Star Wars in the role of Anakin Skywalker

9. Series Ended Differently

After death of Vader, Lucus wanted Luke to take up the mask off of Vader and put it on himself saying that now he is Vader.

10. Theaters Refused to Show The Movie Initially

There were many theaters that refused to screen the movies initially. But after initial released in 40 theaters it created a boom.

Death Cure

The Maze-Runner is a movie franchise that started off quite well but has then fizzled off after subsequent releases. It has performed better than Divergent which is a sister property but failed to finish. However, it has not reached the levels of Potters and The Hunger Games. The story revolves around most of the actors retained from the last sequel. The first Maze Runner started off well with the concept of young people being trapped in a labyrinth but having no memory of how they got there. The second sequel performed poorly and here, the group decides that their captors’ intentions are not honorable and hence join forces with resistance fighters. Death Cure is the third installment.

Cast and Storyline

Starring Dylan O’Brien as Thomas, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Aiden Gillen, the last sequel is titled Death Cure.We see Thomas and friends setting out in search a hi-tech and walled metropolis called The Last City. It is here that two of the group’s friends are being held. Ava, (Patricia Clarkson), is experimenting on Minho (Ki Hong Lee).Thomas is betrayed by Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) by joining Ava and the very cunning Janson (Aiden Gillen). They believe that they are capable of finding a cure for the zombie plague.

This trilogy somehow sounds like a mixture of The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead. In this last sequel, we see a revolutionary who has been scarred horribly. Lawrence (Walton Goggins) wants to make a bold statement on behalf of the common people. However, a popular uprising just when people are facing a zombie apocalypse is hardly a wise move. In this sequel, the women are also the highlight. The are key female actors such as the crafty Teresa as well as Brenda (Rose Salazar) among others. This is a welcome sight in a franchise that has been heavily dominated by men.

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This film highlights the fact that O’Brien is becoming one of Hollywood’s curious actors. He is beingsaddled with poor roles in equally poor films yet he has a lot of potential. His character in The Death Cure is far removed from his humanity and charisma evident in the Teen Wolf series.

One key issue with The Death Cure is that it seems pointless. This is also a problem that has been plaguing the entire franchise. In addition, there is an ideological aspect to this problem. A few have to be sacrificed in order to save the entire human race. However, what about the lucky one percent in this scenario such as Ava Paige and Janson who hide in the ivory tower and make crucial decisions?

The Death Cure is perhaps the best of the three in the franchise. It even has a fast-paced starting as we are reintroduced to all the major actors once again. The pace however lets up as we enter the city. The protagonist struggles to make a mark and there is also an interesting love triangle. Despite all its flaws, The Death C

What happens when you love an actor but they then also become a director, does it mean you will love their directing too? Well in the case of James Franco the answer is a ‘Maybe’ and there is no better example to give you than the film The Disaster Artist which hit the cinema screens in December 2017.

The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist is the 14th film Franco has directed, and if you haven’t seen the whole film yet, a glance of the trailer goes some way to helping answer whether or not it is Franco’s ‘worst film ever’?

The Storyline

The film follows the real-life story of Tommy Wiseau (played by Franco himself) and his experience of developing and directing one of his most famous films, The Room (2003), a yawn-inducing film which some film geeks say has cult status; a status which must be why we find a good actor like James Franco directing it.

Basically, the film is about two aspiring actors who meet, become good friends and want to make it big in Hollywood. Add the fact that Tommy’s friend Greg Sestero is played by Dave Franco (yes Tommy’s real-life brother) and it should make for some good on-screen chemistry.

Do you like Marmite?

The reason I am suddenly asking you this is, we all know the advertising slogan for the Marmite brand is “You either love it or hate it,” and that’s a perfect way to think about this film. Actually, if I am fair, I would say that the slogan applies to each scene of the film, mainly because the cameo list is pretty impressive with the likes of Zac Efron and Sharon Stone making appearances.

For me though, when it comes to Marmite, I am on the fence; sometimes I like it, and other times I don’t. The Disaster Artist is also like that for me. Visually it looks nice, the cast seems nice, Franco’s done an okay job of directing it, yet somehow movies have a way of being like cake recipes; sometimes you can follow all of the recipe instructions and yet the cake doesn’t taste like it should.

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For example, in one scene Greg is on top of a woman. They are both naked and copying a scene from The Room, one where they are supposed to be having sex. Greg is positioned high up, and the woman notices that his private parts are aiming too far up her body. Cue a line from Seth Rogan (who acts throughout the film as the script supervisor); he should make the scene funny, right? Wrong.

The Verdict

I hate movie reviews that sit on the fence but in this case the answer as to whether or not the Disaster Artist Movie is Franco’s ‘worst film ever’? Is undecided. If I had to I would probably say regarding directing; it is not Franco’s worst film ever but regarding acting it could be; not because he’s a bad actor but because this film was so far up its own backside he had nowhere to act. For film geeks, yes if you are a lover of The Room then this may become another film to add to your library, but for me, no thanks.

Although the film Bright was called one of the worst movies of 2017, Netflix has ignored the critics. Recently, Netflix announced that a sequel to the film is upcoming. Although the film was one that critics loved to hate, audiences didn’t agree and responded well to the film.

The two stars of the film, Will Smith, and Joe Edgerton are anticipated to return for the sequel. The director of Bright, David Ayer, will also be involved and play a double role as both a director and writer.

Unique Plot

Bright made for an interesting film and audiences are eager to see what a new film will bring. This gritty cop movie takes an unexpected twist as one of the LAPD’s recruits is an Orc. The film has no problem borrowing elements such as mythological creatures from fantasy films and putting them into a cop drama environment. Using these creatures to make statements about race was an interesting vision which played out for some viewers more than others.

For those unfamiliar with the film’s unique concept, Smith and Edgerton play two LAPD police officers, with Edgerton being an orc, in a universe where different types of creatures live in the same world as humans. The film was seen as being a little crazy or unusual by critics, and it’s certainly not a run-of-the-mill action or drama film. However, audiences were intrigued and Netflix showed that over 11 million people had watched the film in the first three days of its release.

Next Steps

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton make for an excellent team of actors and help to sell a plot that’s more than a little far-fetched. Their return to the sequel will put the film in good hands. It’s anticipated that audiences will also be loyal to the sequel. So far, there have not been any details released about major plot points in the sequel. Even the title is still up in the air. Fans of the film though have been active on Twitter and other social media platforms, developing their own ideas about the sequel’s title.

Details for the sequel will likely be released in the following months. To announce the sequel to Bright, Netflix released a video of orcs auditioning for the sequel on Twitter stating that auditions for the Bright sequel were now closed.

Anticipated Blockbuster

Although movies that stream directly rather than being released in a theatre are becoming more common, there’s a great deal of uncertainty about how they will do regarding ratings. Netflix will release their numbers for some of their films and shows, but their disclosure is voluntary. This lack of easily-accessible information makes it difficult to tell which shows and movies are well-received and which ones aren’t that popular.

Audiences will have to wait a few more months at least for the next Bright movie, but those that aren’t familiar with the movie still have time to check it out. It’s available on Netflix streaming at your convenience. Anyone who hasn’t seen the film yet may want to give it a try.

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