Ten Classic Instagram Reel Ideas For Influencers

Ten Classic Instagram Reel Ideas For Influencers

Instagram reels are highly beneficial than you are aware. Namely, higher engagement rates and more reach for an influencer. You are tired of the Instagram post algorithm and want a slice of Instagram reels.

You are worried about your content going unseen by your followers. Your worries seem valid, with an average of 6 million reels posted daily. You can try out smm services to increase your engagement. Try the free service to see the statics growth by yourself.

Below are some of the classic reel ideas for influencers listed.

Trending Challenges

Always know the trending challenges and songs. Then, you connect the challenge or the trend with your business or personal brand. Copying something another person did exactly does not create excitement for your viewers.Be very quick about trending challenges as well. They may be viral one moment and dead the next. Always do your trend before it’s too late or out of fashion.

Storytelling Sessions

It’s a straightforward and accessible form of making content. Set up your camera in vertical format, and sit and speak. You can talk about anything that might interest your audience.Always be selective about the topics you choose. Keeping the subject relatable will keep the viewers sympathizing with you. In addition, it helps with forming a better connection with your community.

Text-Over Videos

Text-Over Videos are one of the easiest ways to produce reel content. However, in this type of video, texts are essential in capturing attention. The background of the text can be anything, but remember to use good wording. Keeping it simple and shorter with good background music can increase the reel visibility.

Jump-Cut Videos

You can use this kind of video, especially for small business purposes. For example, with this technique, you can show off the product produced by your brand. Jump-Cuts are scenes abruptly cut to the next, keeping the environment the same and showing a difference. It’s also called before and after videos, in other words. You can adapt these jump-cut videos for any business or personal brand.

Lip-Syncing Like The Old Times

Lip-Sync is still a classic idea that has grown its variety over the years. You can do your tweaks by adding your vision to the lip sync and recording it. Your perspective of the lip-sync can represent many things like your personal brand or business. The number of views denotes the engagement of the reel. You can also grow your account with smm panel for a reel post. It will help you understand how fast these services work, giving you organic results.

Make A Tutorial

A tutorial can be about anything from cooking to art to make-up. It can also extend to tips and tricks for starting a small business.Making these tutorials engaging, appealing, and educational can attract many people. With good background, colors, and font, you or your brand can engage with audiences. An increase in the audience can boost your sales too.

Making Of Skits

Skits are funny and very entertaining to watch and do as well. You can do your skit alone or with a group of people considering your interests. The important part of a skit is the storyline and acting.

Below are steps for creating a skit:

  • Start with a plot or storyline.
  • Decide if you want to act alone or with friends.
  • Assign characters.
  • Get the wardrobe ready for all the characters.
  • Set up the camera and action!
  • Edit the footage from 15-20 seconds.
  • Add the necessary text-on reels and names and post them.These videos need not be professional as students use them without editing experience. The audience will follow you if you produce entertaining skit reels.


These videos are a couple of 2-sec videos and pictures combined as a video story for reel content. All kinds of influencers do this content in many different ways.You can also do a day in my life type of content. The audience loves any content they find is relatable.

Reviews Of Products

Review videos are very engaging, entertaining, and valuable. You can find and buy products, use them, and later review them for your audience.These videos are usually a good way to start your influence over people. With this method, your audience will slowly build trust. The trust you are making will help your community grow better.


You record your voice and edit it over a video. You can combine one or more ideas and make unique content. We can combine one or two ideas from above like:

  • A complete compilation video with voice edited explaining the story behind it.
  • A making video with voice edited explaining the process.
  • You can also record various voices and edit them into a skit.These are some ways you can use while looking out for other options.

In Conclusion

You have to be original even while creating content using these ideas. To get good engagement, you have to be genuine. There might be times when your content will go unseen.