Microsoft Xbox One S Console With One Game Free

Microsoft Xbox One S Console With One Game Free

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The deal on Xbox One S is getting exciting with the extra work of Microsoft. The company has made it know that a free game will come along with all 1TB bundles. Buyers that choose this deal will enjoy the immediate benefit for taking action. According to Xbox Wire blog, the recent announcement helps to reveal the extra services of the company.


Deals including Halo Wars 2 Xbox One S, Forza Horizon and Gear of War 4 will now have an extra game. Some of the free games that you get include Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1. There is a great improvement on the original Xbox One. This new development brings us to the Xbox One S. It comes with additional functionality and designed from upgraded hardware.

The new features of Xbox One S include 4K video streaming, 4K ultra HD Blue-rays, and HDR to support television. In a nutshell, the standard Xbox One is simply the Xbox One S. The game performance has increased exponentially. It is important to know that the Xbox One S deal will be for only 1TB bundles.

The deal is not applicable to the 500 GB version bundle. It is also not applicable to the ½ generation game that will be released in the fall – Xbox One X. The Xbox One S has the capability of streaming 4K digital content along with movies. Players that don’t want to be on the cutting edge side of things can assume the Xbox One S as a great game of choice.

It is recommended not to upgrade at the moment because the console will be playing the same games. If there is any need to upgrade, Microsoft will definitely send an upfront message. At the moment, the deal concerning the Xbox One S may not be available even if an announcement has been made for it.

There is no retailer even Microsoft Store isn’t providing anyone with the deal. The Microsoft official page does not have the deal at the moment. While the technical support team at Microsoft is calling this a bug issue, many players are already banking on it. In the meantime, Microsoft workers are doing everything to rectify the issue.

The website has officially told people to continually check their platform as from tomorrow for the correct information. Maybe Microsoft support team is still deliberating on the offers of the deal. Some claim that the deal may have been announced earlier than anticipated.

The Microsoft Xbox One S console deal remains a great offer if it will be executed. At the moment, it is looking as if the deal will not work. Since the Microsoft technical support claims it is a bug issue, subscribers will have to wait until the correct information is out. This will help to know the faith of subscribers and the stand of Microsoft concerning the deal. Subscribers should hope that the final result will be a fair deal for them.

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