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No Man’s Sky has unleashed the latest version of its game called Next. The rough edges of the game have been updated to look smooth and full of amazing content. At the moment, the galaxy in the game comes with a gamut of amazing incentives. Without any question, the latest update remains a treadmill. In the new game, players will have to acquire several ships and more upgrades.


No Man's Sky

There are enough resources to mine and bases to construct. The way to get these incentives may take several hours of repetitive work and mindless activities. There is ebbing away from the sky into space, hopping in a spacecraft and appearing on another environment different from your initial habitation. This remains a new feature that the latest of the No Man’s Sky is providing to gamers when released.

Certain environments are beautiful and scenic in the game. In fact, it will help to make players make use of the camera version to capture to the rolling hills views with animals and colorful plants dotting the landscape. There is the presence of a circled planet suspended on the space and displaying itself between clouds. Players will also find some ugly and barren environments in the design of the new game. Seeing other bizarre wastelands remain a common thing in the No Man’s Sky latest update.

Without any iota of doubt, the new game comes with amazing sights to capture. To play in the third-person mode is a great feature that the game will provide gamers. The game also has personalized and animated characters in any desired mode that you want. These characters can move to any location with nicely designed jetpacks. In fact, this amazing feature makes the game exciting and fun to play.

The level of interaction in the game is welcoming and great to anyone. Players will be happy with the landscapes and lifestyle that characters display in this amazing new game. The environments in the game are different but have similar identification. The protection of these environments remains the same will shield anything negative from the characters. If there are toxic, cold or other environmental negations, the protection measure in the game remains solid.

For instance, when there is a storm that players can see, the protection measures next function to ensure to safety. The animal lifestyle in the game remains different and unique. Players may see flying sharks, huge rabbit-crabs, bouncing blobs, dinosaur-like creatures and much more. Mining the resources in the game often come in the same method. Players can use the drilling method or simply apply a laser beam concept. After playing the game for a couple of hours, you may discover that tricks are not enough to continue.

Not having enough tricks or strategies to continue remains a huge issue in the game. Most of your time in the game is used for refining and gathering materials. The gameplay that comes with the update something you cannot ignore. No Man’s Sky Next update will help you enjoy a fun and exciting game.

2019 will be a remarkable year in the gaming world for several reasons. Some games that did not get a lot of coverage may be seen in 2019. Games that needed a continuation will also be released in 2019. New games will also receive a huge welcome in the year 2019. Starting from January of 2019 through the end of the year, players may be loaded with lots of exciting games.

January 2019

According to reliable sources, January of 2019 in the gaming world will help players discover games such as Session, Undead Horde, Kingdom Hearts III and Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 2 will kickstart January of 2019 by releasing its killer gamer. On January 29th, Kingdom Hearts III follows. For Undead Horde and Session, the actual date has not been fixed.

February 2019

At the moment, the records show that only 6 games will be released for the month of February in 2019. The game A Fold Apart will start up the month with its amazing release. On the 22nd of February, players can expect up to 4 releases. This includes Days Gone, Metro Exodus, Crackdown 3 and Anthem. The actual date in February to release the game called Trials Rising remains unknown. Players can always check back for the update of the game.

March 2019

March may not be loaded with tons of games like the first two months. However, you will be excited with the three games that the industry has to offer. In the month of March, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be rolled out on the 15th. Not too far on March 21, the game The Sinking will be unleashed as well. Mario Kart Tour is the third game without any fixed date to be released in March. Check for the last game in March for more updates.

More Games In 2019

While some of the months in 2019 may not be sure for game producing companies, you can expect to see more wonderful titles released. Sea of Solitude, Cat Quest III: The Lumpus Empire, Killer Queen Black, Underflow, Beyond Blue, Blasphemous, Vasara HD Collection, Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and more will be unleashed in the year 2019. Grimshade, The Forbidden Arts, Dead or Alive 6, Hellpoint, The Beast Inside, My Friend Pedro, The Princess Guide and a host of more games will be released to help players choose their choice.

The list of upcoming games in 2019 is larger than what you have above. This is just a small list to give you an insight of what to come in the year 2019. Sources have been providing reliable information that 2019 will be a great year for the gaming industry. This is because many game producing companies have returned to the drawing board to ensure that the best is provided to players. Every game producing service is also looking for a bigger audience. On this note, more efforts will be added to their 2019 game release to create an impact in the life of fans.

At the moment, fans can find a new Xbox online for sale. This new product on sale remains a huge upgrade. According to Microsoft, Xbox One X remains the biggest game the company has released. Microsoft continued by saying the Xbox One X remains the most costly game the company has marketed. What are the differences between Xbox One S vs. Xbox One? Reading through this content will give you a clue about both products.

Xbox One S vs. Xbox One


The Xbox One S comes with more tweaks than the Xbox One X. The Xbox One S has 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1.4 TFLOPS, personalized GPU WITH 914MHz and customized CPU at 1.75GHz. In the case of Xbox One X, you will get Polaris features, 40 CUs, 6.0 TFLOPS, personalized GPU at 1.72GHz and 12GB GDDR5 RAMA at 326 GB/ s. The Xbox One S will have the opportunity to upscale the 1080p games to 4K but not in the console.

Connectivity And Design:

The design of the Xbox One X is the first thing that captures your attention. Heat is removed through the back and the design comes with a black color. Microsoft also claimed that the Xbox One X is smaller in size. The Xbox One S has the power sourced installed within the system. Connectivity of both consoles will be dependent on the strength of propagation.

Price And Storage:

When the Xbox One S was released, it came with an additional fifty dollars premium compared to nothing charged for the Xbox One X.

Xbox One S – from one hundred and ninety-nine dollars (500GB, 1TB HDD)

Xbox One X – four hundred and ninety-nine dollars (1TB HDD)

It means that players will be paying more to have access to Xbox One S. There may be reduction in the price of the Xbox One X later in the future

The additional power of the Xbox One X will not be completed used by many players. When talking about price, it is clear that the Xbox One S remains expensive. It is also a great console for the price and remains great for traditional players. For most fans, they believe that the Xbox One X has the best offer.

According to most forum fans, most people are still tuned with the Xbox One X. This may be as a result of more people not being familiar with the Xbox One S. Both consoles have amazing features that can benefit players. Depending on your preference, you can either choose the Xbox One X or the Xbox One S mode.

If you are confused about the whole process simply use certain conditions to determine the difference of both consoles. The design, connectivity, price and performance are great factors that can help you differentiate between the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X. The power of performance of the Xbox One S is superb and will always be great to players. If connectivity is your thing, then go ahead and pick the Xbox One X.

Asus has confirmed the launch of new gaming monitor Asus VG258Q which is particularly designed to meet the end needs of budget conscious gamers. It is a Full HD Gaming Monitor that comes with the 24.5inch display size and has the fastest 1ms response time and the whopping refresh rate of 144Hz, making it is the best 144hz monitor in the market for the budget conscious people. Besides, the gaming monitor is backed by AMD’s FreeSync technology which claims to reduce the screen tearing and choppy frame rates while playing games. Apart from this the manufacturer has included many different visual and nifty features in this gaming monitor which are elaborately discussed below.

Asus VG258Q is the upgraded version of all its predecessors. There are no other 24inch gaming monitor that comes with the AMD’s FreeSync technology and it comes with many other amazing features.

The Features of Asus VG258Q

As mentioned, the Asus VG258Q comes with a 24.5inch display that is backed by TN panel which can display about 16.7 million diverse colors and has the maximum brightness with 400cd/m2. This is a non-glare screen that is designed for 170/160 degree viewing angles and it supports a variety of orientations. This gaming monitor is also equipped with Asus Smart Contrast Ratio of 100000000:1 and comes with a ergonomically designed stand which helps the users to adjust the height of the monitor up to 130mm and has a tilt range of 5 to 33 degrees. Users can also pivot the monitor vertically and also it can be swiveled up to 90 degrees in every direction. There is a pass-through space which helps you to manage the tangled wires efficiently.

The Asus VG258Q can be coupled with any AMD GPU which will enhance further the visuals because of the Adaptive-Sync technology which is supported by the AMD FreeSync Support. Since the monitor is equipped to offer a refresh rate of 144Hz, it is likely to provide the users with exceptional graphical experience in all types of games. Moreover, it has a 1ms response time that will prevent motion blurs and smearing of the images and it features Asus Extreme Low Motion Blur technology which guarantee that your game play would be more responsive and fluid. The monitor is also backed by GameFast Input Technology which minimizes the input lags efficiently.

The Add-ons Users can Enjoy with Asus VG258Q

Asus GamePlus Hotkeys are included in the gaming Monitor which can benefit the gamers further and these hotkeys feature many other in-game enhancements. This technology will enable the gamers to enjoy many other options which include 4 crosshair overlays for any shooting games and more. The monitor also features the timer option combined with FPS counter and multi display alignment settings. The GameVisual Settings in the monitor offer the users with multi modes to maximize the visual based on the gaming needs and their unique preferences. This may include RTS, Cinema, Racing, Scenery, MOBA Mode, sRGB, FPS and RPG.

The monitor is also equipped with Fliker-Free technology which significantly minimizes the effects on eyes and this reduces eyestrain while gaming. It also features Ultra-Low Blue Light Technology which lets you cycle across diverse levels of decreased blue light, thereby guaranteeing long-term comfort. Asus VG258Q has undergone different performance test and it has managed to earn the certification from TUB Rheinland Laboratories so as to ensure that the best quality utilization of the low-light and flicker-free technology can be achieved. Besides, the monitor supports great connectivity as it comes with dual-link DVI-D, Display Port 1.2 and HDMI v1.4. The monitor also features dual built-in 2W stereo RMS speakers and 3.5mm mini-jack audio out for headphones.

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