Maze Runner- The Death Cure: Movie Review

Maze Runner- The Death Cure: Movie Review

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Death Cure

The Maze-Runner is a movie franchise that started off quite well but has then fizzled off after subsequent releases. It has performed better than Divergent which is a sister property but failed to finish. However, it has not reached the levels of Potters and The Hunger Games. The story revolves around most of the actors retained from the last sequel. The first Maze Runner started off well with the concept of young people being trapped in a labyrinth but having no memory of how they got there. The second sequel performed poorly and here, the group decides that their captors’ intentions are not honorable and hence join forces with resistance fighters. Death Cure is the third installment.

Cast and Storyline

Starring Dylan O’Brien as Thomas, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Aiden Gillen, the last sequel is titled Death Cure.We see Thomas and friends setting out in search a hi-tech and walled metropolis called The Last City. It is here that two of the group’s friends are being held. Ava, (Patricia Clarkson), is experimenting on Minho (Ki Hong Lee).Thomas is betrayed by Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) by joining Ava and the very cunning Janson (Aiden Gillen). They believe that they are capable of finding a cure for the zombie plague.

This trilogy somehow sounds like a mixture of The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead. In this last sequel, we see a revolutionary who has been scarred horribly. Lawrence (Walton Goggins) wants to make a bold statement on behalf of the common people. However, a popular uprising just when people are facing a zombie apocalypse is hardly a wise move. In this sequel, the women are also the highlight. The are key female actors such as the crafty Teresa as well as Brenda (Rose Salazar) among others. This is a welcome sight in a franchise that has been heavily dominated by men.

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This film highlights the fact that O’Brien is becoming one of Hollywood’s curious actors. He is beingsaddled with poor roles in equally poor films yet he has a lot of potential. His character in The Death Cure is far removed from his humanity and charisma evident in the Teen Wolf series.

One key issue with The Death Cure is that it seems pointless. This is also a problem that has been plaguing the entire franchise. In addition, there is an ideological aspect to this problem. A few have to be sacrificed in order to save the entire human race. However, what about the lucky one percent in this scenario such as Ava Paige and Janson who hide in the ivory tower and make crucial decisions?

The Death Cure is perhaps the best of the three in the franchise. It even has a fast-paced starting as we are reintroduced to all the major actors once again. The pace however lets up as we enter the city. The protagonist struggles to make a mark and there is also an interesting love triangle. Despite all its flaws, The Death C

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