Maze Runner- The Death Cure: Movie Review

Death Cure

The Maze-Runner is a movie franchise that started off quite well but has then fizzled off after subsequent releases. It has performed better than Divergent which is a sister property but failed to finish. However, it has not reached the levels of Potters and The Hunger Games. The story revolves around most of the actors retained from the last sequel. The first Maze Runner started off well with the concept of young people being trapped in a labyrinth but having no memory of how they got there. The second sequel performed poorly and here, the group decides that their captors’ intentions are not honorable and hence join forces with resistance fighters. Death Cure is the third installment.

Cast and Storyline

Starring Dylan O’Brien as Thomas, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Aiden Gillen, the last sequel is titled Death Cure.We see Thomas and friends setting out in search a hi-tech and walled metropolis called The Last City. It is here that two of the group’s friends are being held. Ava, (Patricia Clarkson), is experimenting on Minho (Ki Hong Lee).Thomas is betrayed by Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) by joining Ava and the very cunning Janson (Aiden Gillen). They believe that they are capable of finding a cure for the zombie plague.

This trilogy somehow sounds like a mixture of The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead. In this last sequel, we see a revolutionary who has been scarred horribly. Lawrence (Walton Goggins) wants to make a bold statement on behalf of the common people. However, a popular uprising just when people are facing a zombie apocalypse is hardly a wise move. In this sequel, the women are also the highlight. The are key female actors such as the crafty Teresa as well as Brenda (Rose Salazar) among others. This is a welcome sight in a franchise that has been heavily dominated by men.

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This film highlights the fact that O’Brien is becoming one of Hollywood’s curious actors. He is beingsaddled with poor roles in equally poor films yet he has a lot of potential. His character in The Death Cure is far removed from his humanity and charisma evident in the Teen Wolf series.

One key issue with The Death Cure is that it seems pointless. This is also a problem that has been plaguing the entire franchise. In addition, there is an ideological aspect to this problem. A few have to be sacrificed in order to save the entire human race. However, what about the lucky one percent in this scenario such as Ava Paige and Janson who hide in the ivory tower and make crucial decisions?

The Death Cure is perhaps the best of the three in the franchise. It even has a fast-paced starting as we are reintroduced to all the major actors once again. The pace however lets up as we enter the city. The protagonist struggles to make a mark and there is also an interesting love triangle. Despite all its flaws, The Death C

The Disaster Artist Movie Review: Franco’s ‘Worst Film Ever’?

What happens when you love an actor but they then also become a director, does it mean you will love their directing too? Well in the case of James Franco the answer is a ‘Maybe’ and there is no better example to give you than the film The Disaster Artist which hit the cinema screens in December 2017.

The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist is the 14th film Franco has directed, and if you haven’t seen the whole film yet, a glance of the trailer goes some way to helping answer whether or not it is Franco’s ‘worst film ever’?

The Storyline

The film follows the real-life story of Tommy Wiseau (played by Franco himself) and his experience of developing and directing one of his most famous films, The Room (2003), a yawn-inducing film which some film geeks say has cult status; a status which must be why we find a good actor like James Franco directing it.

Basically, the film is about two aspiring actors who meet, become good friends and want to make it big in Hollywood. Add the fact that Tommy’s friend Greg Sestero is played by Dave Franco (yes Tommy’s real-life brother) and it should make for some good on-screen chemistry.

Do you like Marmite?

The reason I am suddenly asking you this is, we all know the advertising slogan for the Marmite brand is “You either love it or hate it,” and that’s a perfect way to think about this film. Actually, if I am fair, I would say that the slogan applies to each scene of the film, mainly because the cameo list is pretty impressive with the likes of Zac Efron and Sharon Stone making appearances.

For me though, when it comes to Marmite, I am on the fence; sometimes I like it, and other times I don’t. The Disaster Artist is also like that for me. Visually it looks nice, the cast seems nice, Franco’s done an okay job of directing it, yet somehow movies have a way of being like cake recipes; sometimes you can follow all of the recipe instructions and yet the cake doesn’t taste like it should.

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For example, in one scene Greg is on top of a woman. They are both naked and copying a scene from The Room, one where they are supposed to be having sex. Greg is positioned high up, and the woman notices that his private parts are aiming too far up her body. Cue a line from Seth Rogan (who acts throughout the film as the script supervisor); he should make the scene funny, right? Wrong.

The Verdict

I hate movie reviews that sit on the fence but in this case the answer as to whether or not the Disaster Artist Movie is Franco’s ‘worst film ever’? Is undecided. If I had to I would probably say regarding directing; it is not Franco’s worst film ever but regarding acting it could be; not because he’s a bad actor but because this film was so far up its own backside he had nowhere to act. For film geeks, yes if you are a lover of The Room then this may become another film to add to your library, but for me, no thanks.

Netflix Announces ‘Bright’ Sequel

Although the film Bright was called one of the worst movies of 2017, Netflix has ignored the critics. Recently, Netflix announced that a sequel to the film is upcoming. Although the film was one that critics loved to hate, audiences didn’t agree and responded well to the film.

The two stars of the film, Will Smith, and Joe Edgerton are anticipated to return for the sequel. The director of Bright, David Ayer, will also be involved and play a double role as both a director and writer.

Unique Plot

Bright made for an interesting film and audiences are eager to see what a new film will bring. This gritty cop movie takes an unexpected twist as one of the LAPD’s recruits is an Orc. The film has no problem borrowing elements such as mythological creatures from fantasy films and putting them into a cop drama environment. Using these creatures to make statements about race was an interesting vision which played out for some viewers more than others.

For those unfamiliar with the film’s unique concept, Smith and Edgerton play two LAPD police officers, with Edgerton being an orc, in a universe where different types of creatures live in the same world as humans. The film was seen as being a little crazy or unusual by critics, and it’s certainly not a run-of-the-mill action or drama film. However, audiences were intrigued and Netflix showed that over 11 million people had watched the film in the first three days of its release.

Next Steps

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton make for an excellent team of actors and help to sell a plot that’s more than a little far-fetched. Their return to the sequel will put the film in good hands. It’s anticipated that audiences will also be loyal to the sequel. So far, there have not been any details released about major plot points in the sequel. Even the title is still up in the air. Fans of the film though have been active on Twitter and other social media platforms, developing their own ideas about the sequel’s title.

Details for the sequel will likely be released in the following months. To announce the sequel to Bright, Netflix released a video of orcs auditioning for the sequel on Twitter stating that auditions for the Bright sequel were now closed.

Anticipated Blockbuster

Although movies that stream directly rather than being released in a theatre are becoming more common, there’s a great deal of uncertainty about how they will do regarding ratings. Netflix will release their numbers for some of their films and shows, but their disclosure is voluntary. This lack of easily-accessible information makes it difficult to tell which shows and movies are well-received and which ones aren’t that popular.

Audiences will have to wait a few more months at least for the next Bright movie, but those that aren’t familiar with the movie still have time to check it out. It’s available on Netflix streaming at your convenience. Anyone who hasn’t seen the film yet may want to give it a try.

The Big Sick Movie Review

The Big Sick

The Big Sick movie is a must watch film. The movie is produced based on the real lives of co-writers Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V Gordon. The producer, Judd Apatow has once again proven that he is talented when it comes to entertainment. The movie is not only free of cynicism but also irony. The observational materials and jokes of in this movie will make you fall in love with it repeatedly. Once narrative’s wheels are set in motion, the comedy also starts to flow. It is all about the need to identify the different characters. The characters thereafter go on board and the mission it finding a happy ending. The film is more a stranger situation more than fiction like date field. The film is characterized by enormous charm as well as sweetness that ends up plunging into a deliberate serious upon the completion of the setup. The trueness of the story ends up bringing a stab of anxiety when the characters embark on their slide from the reality of life. Emily V Gordon, comedy writer-producer and Pakistani-American actor Kumail Nanjiania have brought out the subject of the movie aptly.

The family background of Nanjiani allows men and women to get married through arranged circumstances. He did not get an opportunity to tell the parents that he has a strong feeling towards Gordon. He also finds it hard admitting to Gordon how he feels. But when the relationship of the two takes a different twist, Gordon is laid down after contracting a mysterious disease. The family has no choice but to put her into a coma. Nanjiani is forced to wait at the hospital’s vigil. He is full of surprises and he plays Kumail aversion of his youthful behavior. He acts as a part Uber driver and changes to an upcoming artist. Zoe Kazan plays Emily. She begins by heckling at Kumail during a certain occasion and romance finds the two. Nothing seems to matter in the life of the two. Kazan delivers a winning performance and everyone is left with his mouths open.

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She combines her alluring beauty and talents to leave behind a standing ovation. Her medical dimension and cherubic beauty makes her a woman of the moment. Azmat (Anupam Kher) and Sharmeen (Zenobia Shroff) as the father and mother of Kumail. Their strong principles make life a different thing altogether. Kumail wants to decide. He wants to do something but he is worried that he will attract a curse. On the other side, it is interesting to realize that the parents of Emily has been represented an irrelevant and intimately manner. There is less of comedy and stereotyping involved. The twists and turns in the movie will leave you watching it repeatedly. Am tempted to say that the film is a masterpiece. The actresses and actors have done their best.

The Big Sick movie is a revolutionary movie. If you would like to learn something about the cultural practices of Pakistanis then this film is here for you. The plot, characters and choice of words make it one of a kind.

”The Post” Movie Review

Steven Spielberg offers us a new historical drama based on real events that radically departs from the classic Spielbergian style to which we are accustomed. Unlike Bridge of Spies and Lincoln, The Post uses a more realistic approach, with a camera in constant movement that closely follows the footsteps of its protagonists, and without the need to enlarge key moments with deafening accompaniment melodies. This greatly helps the story, located in the early seventies, feel current and relevant to the times currently lived in American politics.

A series of secret Pentagon archives is filtered through The New York Times. These documents contain confidential information that states that the United States government knew, for years, about the failure of the war in Vietnam but that despite this, they decided to continue investing in this war without taking into account the enormous amount of human losses. Immediately, President Nixon puts a stop to the publication of national coverage by taking them to the highest court on charges of treason.

That’s when Kay Graham (Meryl Streep), socialite and owner of The Washington Post, must make a decision that could change not only the fate of the company, but also that of the entire nation. Under his command is the editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) who together with his team of reporters seek to assert their right to freedom of expression, despite the climate of repression in which the media live.

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The Post couldn’t have come at a better time given the current situation in the United States. A reality in which the president of the country has been responsible for discrediting the journalistic quality and, above all, the veracity of the media for the simple fact of exposing the truth and opposing their ideals. The Post is a tribute to the heroes of yesterday and today, of those who fight tirelessly and who put their own lives at risk, in order to remove the blindfold from our eyes and finally observe what is real. It is a work that defends the freedom of expression, and that through a history of the past, invites us to raise our voice in order to avoid that great tragedies are repeated.

The film also shines thanks to the exalted work of its protagonists: Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. Both give chair acting and demonstrate why they are two of the greatest figures in Hollywood. However, it is Meryl Streep who with a very measured interpretation manages to steal the tape. The actress plays a wealthy society lady who inherits the family business, and who despite not having the experience necessary to manage the company, decides to arm themselves with courage and face patriarchy. A character who manages to overcome their conflicts in order to forge their leadership, finding their own voice and earning their rightful place in a tyrant world controlled by men. Bob Odenkirk, who will be recognized from the television series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, also provides a solid performance as one of the journalists who decides to go to the bottom of the matter regardless of the consequences. Sarah Paulson, Tracy Letts, and Matthew Rhys complement the masterful cast of the film.

While this year has brought us excellent proposals through the seventh art, none like The Post has managed to convey a message of great urgency and relevance. It is a necessary and well-done production that shows us the way to counter-arrest the current problems: supporting the institutions and the people who work in them, and those who have dedicated their careers in favor of truth and ethics, instead to trust, share and encourage groups that are dedicated to distorting the facts using the power of social networks. That is why The Post begins to position itself as the favorite of the awards season, as it is impossible to hide its importance both nationally and internationally. Undoubtedly, Steven Spielberg shows that he is still one of the most important filmmakers in the film industry, offering us his most important film since Saving Private Ryan.

Netflix’s New Releases Coming This January

Netflix's New Releases Coming This January

The worlds biggest video streaming platform Netflix and ShowBox, a free movies app has added more than ever this month, but what is new? Here we explore the new shows and films that might be your next series on Netflix.

On Friday 5th January, Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned for a fourth season, featuring Andy Samberg as a silly cop alongside this ‘Rotten’ arrived which was all about the food chain in America. The following day Saturday 6th January concussion arrived featuring Will Smith where he finds out how alarming head injuries are in the NFL.

The following week saw ‘Good Time’ arrive on Netflix this features Robert Pattinson in a heist drama. Friday the 12th saw the arrival of ‘Pride’ a British politics film. Followed by the 6th season of Homeland on Monday the 15th January which is all about a female President of the United States as well as starring a CIA agent. The same day ‘Eye in the sky’ arrived, this is about drone strikes starring Alan Rickman and Helen Mirren.

Friday the 19th saw the arrival of the first season of ‘Drug Lords’ which is a documentary series on some of the most notorious kingpins in history. The 19th also saw the return of the second series of a vampire hunting drama, Van Helsing.

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The next arrival came on Thursday the 25th where the infamous ‘Despicable Me 2’ arrived on Netflix, a comedy featuring Steve Carrell. The same day saw the arrival of ‘Joy’ a comedy-drama featuring Jennifer Lawrence and directed by David O Russell. The following day saw both ‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’ and ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ arrive on Netflix the first being a Netflix Original and the latter a classic horror tale. As well as that ‘Annie’ arrived featuring Jamie Foxx.

Finally Tuesday the 30th of January saw the arrival of Entourage which was a mix of brotherly culture and Hollywood with the aim to be the objectification of women however it’s described as ‘hard on the stomach after the revelation of 2017’.

The other arrivals on Netflix in January were season 3 of Lovesick which is a British romantic drama with people attempting to navigate their way through relationships, this dropped at the start of January alongside a new thriller called ‘Glace’. Soon after part 2 of ‘Disjoined’ arrived followed 4 days later by season 4 of Rita. ‘Drug Lords’ season 1 arrived on the 19th of January, it’s about drug dealers and the people that swore to bring them down attempting to keep their promise. A sitcom named ‘One day at a time’ dropped on Netflix soon after on the 26th.

Also in January the reboot of Dynasty returned all-new episodes were released in January after previously taking a break, the series is about the arguments within a mega-rich family. The well known Riverdale returned for a second season on January the 18th after a thrilling mid-season finale. As well as this Star Trek: Discovery arrived on the 8th January.

January also saw the arrival of El Ministerio Del Tiempo’s third season on Netflix, it launched at the end of January to Netflix, the 28th to be exact, it is about grieving the loss of one of their own. Also just a few days later ‘Retribution’ arrived, it’s about a killer that murdered a young couple and he heads to near where their family is the Scottish Highlands. Also in January, Netflix saw the arrival of the first season of Black Lightning, this is a former school principal going to New Orleans to fight crime.

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Netflix also saw the arrival of ‘The Polka King’ this is a Polish-based show about a band leader that was originally born in Poland, and dreams of building a music empire in the United States or America, however, this is also based on a true story. It features actors such as Jenny State, JB Smoove, and Jack Black. After a tragedy the series called ‘The Open House’ arrived on Netflix about unexplained forces conspiring against a mother and teen, this launched on the 19th of January.

A comedy called Great America also dropped to Netflix this January, on the 16th it’s about a king of the underground taking on America’s politics. Finally, a documentary about dirty money also arrived on Netflix in January on the 26th of the month.