10 Awesome 'Star Wars' Facts You Didn't Know

10 Awesome ‘Star Wars’ Facts You Didn’t Know

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Star Wars is the widely appreciated and popular movie that is enjoyed by people of all ages. There are different series of this movie and there are some hidden facts which most of the streamers are still not aware of. The best way to celebrate the Star Wars Days is by learning something new facts about the galaxy war. So, all fans of Star Wars can have a look at the 10 Awesome Star Wars Facts You Didn’t Know. You can also access the series of movies and these awesome facts online at the movie streaming app called Movie Box.

1. Harrison Ford Was Launched for The Role of Han Solo Accidentally

Lucas was in search of some new looking faces with whom he has not worked before. So, he came in contact with Harrison Ford who played a role in his previous movie called American Graffiti to feed lines to auditioning actors. He was impressed with his hard work so much that gave the role of Han Solo to him in his next series of Star Wars.

2. Orson Wells Was Darth Vader

Lucas initially decided to take his voice only for his movie, but later he dropped the plan and considered him for the movie in a role which would become recognizable quickly. This is how he was casted for the movie in the role of Darth Vader

3. Popular Opening Crawl in Movie is Done with Special Effects

The producers and directors vigilantly place 2-feet wide die cut yellow letter over a 6 feet long black paper background and the camera used for shooting make a slow pass over the yellow letters to mimic a crawl. This is how it is done and it takes around 3 hours to shoot the entire opening crawl.

4. Luke and Leia’s Swing Across the Chasm Was a Real Shoot

The production unit was unable to afford the double shoot and stunt, therefore Mark and Carrie was asked to do the shoot in one shot and hence they were harnessed and swung across the platform above 30 feet of the studio floor and it was shoot in one take.

5. Yoda Is Known As Buffy in Reality

In the early screenplay the real name of Yoda was Buffy. However, the name was later changed to full name called Minch Yoda. It was renamed and shortened to short name called Yoda later.

6. The Vader’s Reveal was Kept Hidden from Everyone

Darth Vader

There was a false page in the script and now one in the unit actually knows who Luke’s dad except Lucas and there are also other two people who know this. Mark came to know about it just a moment before his first take and the actor that was playing Vader in the movie said the Obi-Wan killer his father and Mark reacted the way he did. These lines were added later in the script when James Earl Jones recorded his lines.

7. Han Solo Was Scripted to Die

Harrison Ford actually had a contract with the producer for two movies and he was intended to get killed because he felt that there was no where left for his character in the movie. However, Lucus disagreed to this and hence he wanted him to join the other series as well and have a happy ending in third movie.

8. Lucus Wanted Someone to Be Famous for Unmasking Darth Vader

Sebastian Shaw was the popular writer, theater actor before entering the series of Star Wars in the role of Anakin Skywalker

9. Series Ended Differently

After death of Vader, Lucus wanted Luke to take up the mask off of Vader and put it on himself saying that now he is Vader.

10. Theaters Refused to Show The Movie Initially

There were many theaters that refused to screen the movies initially. But after initial released in 40 theaters it created a boom.

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